Spectroplast provides customised 3D printed silicone components with the highest precision straight out of the printer.

At Spectroplast, we have developed cutting-edge 3D printing technology that enables us to use any standard silicone to produce readily functional products without the use of moulds, cutting costs and time.

On the way

Currently, we can produce parts and components that can be used by the industries that include: food and beverages, transportation and aerospace, entertainment and films, outerwear and soft robotics.

Up Next

As soon as 2019-end, we are ready to receive and deliver customised solutions for baby care (pacifiers, etc.) and the healthcare industry, which would include exo-plants such as hearing aids, orthopaedic shoe insoles, anatomically relevant surgical training phantoms and much more.


A glimpse into the future

Looking at 2023 and beyond, we will be able to produce precise personalised healthcare and medical implants that will enhance the lifestyle of those in need.


Additive Manufacturing is an emerging technology that alters the way we design and manufacture 3D silicone parts. At Spectroplast AG, we base this technology on nature that reflects softness, fluidity and flexibility. With our unique material and process expertise, we are able to produce components tailored to specific customer needs. This is expected to be a pertinent trend in many industrial sectors.



Bio-inspired, flexible, and relevant to multiple industries, we move along with the evolving needs in sectors that require 3-D silicone printing to revolutionalise the products our business partners intend to bring to the market. Our aim is to mass produce high quality and precise, flexible and compliant components that are safe and certified.