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With our additive manufacturing technology, we can produce soft elastomeric components made of silicones suitable for industrial and medical applications.

Our process covers materials with excellent mechanical properties ranging in Shore hardness from Shore A 30 to Shore A 80. Using the same materials, additively manufactured silicone components compete in mechanical performance and durability.

Our inspiration: Nature – it’s softness, fluidity, flexibility and precision.

Masks and models, silicone moulds, animatronics, Spectroplast 3D printing solutions believes in making art and entertainment more personalised and easy

This technology can contribute largely to the fashion industry by seamlessly integrating the flexible and soft silicones into clothing and textiles, customised head phones, shoe soles and wrist bands.

Industrial silicone parts require precision and perfection to the point. Our components are suited for aerospace and automotive industry, home accessories, and much more.

Soft robotics is a rapidly evolving industry with compliant parts such as grippers, end effectors and soft actuators.

Customised toys for adults – do you dare? Fully personalised toys add a new dimension to your passion.